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Helena Beinish

I am a certified tour guide in Israel and a tour planner, living in the Negev desert. I specialize in the Negev and Judaean deserts, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea but I can prepare a tour for you all over Israel and to guide you whenever you want.

I have prepared different trips in Israel, according to my clients’ requirements. Just send me a message describing what you would like to see and I will prepare the optimal route for you, and  will accompany you personally where you need it. By getting a trip ready from an expert, you will save not

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only the time you would spend by looking for the right way, but also money for petrol and other unnecessary expenses due to ignorance of the place.

Born in former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), in 2016 I moved to Israel. For the first two years I had been working for the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv, but then I moved to the Negev Desert, did a two-year tour-guiding course and started to work as a tour guide and a tour planner. When the borders of Israel were closed for tourists from abroad, I tour guided Israeli groups but now the borders are open again. Come to see this beautiful country!

Why you shouldn’t miss the Negev

Why you shouldn’t miss the Negev

If you visit Israel for the first time, you usually head to one of the favourite tourist destinations – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee with its many Christian places, Acre or the Dead Sea. None of these places is located in the Negev which constitutes more than half of Israel. In the whole Negev, only one place is advertised as a tourist destination – Eilat, the Israel's resort city on the shores of the Red Sea. Tourists usually combine the visit to Eilat with the tour to Petra in neighbouring Jordan.

But the Negev has a lot more to offer than just Eilat... 

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